Mwangi coached me as I worked toward completing the Brooklyn Half and then for the Hamptons marathon. All the while, he created workouts, stretches, plyometrics, warm-ups and cool downs each designed specifically for my racing goals. He always checked in to see how my legs reacted after the workout was through. He often was able to provide helpful suggestions on how to recover and prepare for the next session. From hill workouts, to weights, to speed, to distance, Mwangi proved to be knowledgeable and dedicated. He kept me motivated by his passion and love for running and I’m sure he can do the same for others who have him for a coach.
— Lisa G.
Mwangi assisted me as I trained for my first marathon, and while he cared about the physical aspects of training, he was a godsend when it came to the psychological impact of training for this race. He helped me work through bouts of frustration, self-doubt, and exhaustion. I knew I could get to the finish line, but he made sure I’d simply make it to the starting line. I couldn’t recommend him more, whether you’re a seasoned runner or an amateur. Mwangi eats, sleeps, and breathes running, but his passion is in helping others excel in this sport!
— Liz D.
I hired Mwangi to prep me for the Fifth Avenue Mile race in New York City, while also keeping me in shape for 5K racing. He was extremely thoughtful in designing my program, and also very flexible in modifying it as needed. He came prepared to every workout not only with a solid plan but also with water for me — much appreciated, as we trained during the heat of summer. He provided just the right amount of encouragement with advice on how to improve my form, speed, and stamina. His coaching was top-notch and his demeanor above-and-beyond supportive. I’d recommend him highly to anyone, no matter his or her goals.
— Amy R.
Choosing to work with Coach Mwangi was my best training decision of 2015. He is the ultimate running expert, and plans and thinks about my workouts as if they were his own. With his expertise and passion for running, I’ve become faster, I feel stronger and I PR’d several times last year in a variety of distances. Even better, I earned a Boston Qualifier for 2017 and was accepted as a guaranteed runner to the Chicago Marathon! Expect discipline, hard work, and consistency with Coach Mwangi. You can also expect a lot of FUN as he enjoys a good laugh and cares about his clients’ success as much as he cares about the sport.
— Mary D.
When you start to enjoy anything in life you naturally you want the opportunity and knowledge to be better and gain more from it. There aren’t to many people in the world who carry the desire to consistently be challenged, learn and strive for excellence for the sake of others. This is what Mwangi’s coaching represents, an opportunity for you to be a better you. From good days, bad days, and all that is left between; he delivers his best knowledge.

My experience with Mwangi has not only helped me to achieve goals, but more importantly, it has enabled me to discover who I am as an athlete, what makes me tick, and how far I can really go. He has a gift of being able to find the hidden treasure, that allowed me to achieve such goals. My sessions with Mwangi have not only helped me be a stronger runner but they have easily translated into my daily life. He is truly one of a kind, I’ve been luck to have his guidance along my journey.
— Krystal S.
Jeff Will.jpg
First off, Mwangi is a very skilled coach. His excitement toward running is contagious and very motivational. There are no limits to his skill set and his natural ability to bring the best out of a runner, anyone from a beginning runner to a seasoned marathon participator can benefit from his knowledge. His love for running is evident and he is a generous coach. “Running will both test you and reward you.” He couldn’t have been more correct! I use to run in Micheal Jordan sneakers. Yes, I ran miles in basketball sneakers! Mwangi made some assessments and he put me into the correct sneakers and gear. He setup a plan for me that strengthened my speed, endurance, and strength. My runs have been elevated to another level. As he once told me, “we want to focus on long term running health”.I recommend Mwangi to all runners!
— Jeff W.