“I believe that experience makes the coach, and that there is no substitute for someone who has been around the block, so to speak. I've always embraced running and racing for how they mold us, make us stronger and teach us about ourselves, and I continually strive to be a student of the sport.”

Coach M

Some of Coach Mwangi’s qualifications and running experience:

  • USATF-Certified Running Coach


  • Nike Pacer

  • Running Club Captain

  • Head Coach of a 300+ member running program

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Some of the races and distances he has competed in:

  • New York Road Runners Indoor & Outdoor Track Meets (NYC)

  • Fifth Avenue Mile (NYC)

  • Coogan's 5K (NYC)

  • CVS Downtown 5K (RI)

  • UAE Healthy Kidney 10K (NYC)

  • Ocean Road 10K (RI)

  • Blessing of the Fleet 10 miler (RI)

  • Ted Corbitt 15K (NYC)

  • Ocean State Half Marathon (RI)

  • Brooklyn Half Marathon (NYC)

  • Lehigh Valley Marathon (PA)

  • Boston Marathon

  • Chicago Marathon

  • Knickerbocker 60K (NYC)