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Welcome to RunFirst Coaching!

Whether you're looking to run your personal best time, race competitively or simply get into better shape, Coach Mwangi can help you achieve your goals.



ABOUT the coach

“My passion for running has taught me a lot about the sport. It has allowed me to experience and understand what works and what doesn't in training; where runners get it right, and the ways that they can improve.”

Coach M

his experience

Experience makes the Coach, and there is no substitute for someone who has been around the block.

our services

We offer custom monthly training plans, one-on-one coaching sessions, running buddy and race pacing services. The initial consultation and goal evaluation is always free, so let's talk!


experience makes the Coach, and there is no substitute for someone who has "been around the block" so to speak. Here are some of coach mwangi’s qualifications:

  • USATF-Certified Running Coach


  • Nike Pacer

  • Running Club Captain

  • Head Coach of a 300+ member running program


To learn a little more about Coach Mwangi’s background, here's an interview he did while he was living in New York:


“I am a student of the sport, and the spirit of competition has always been a part of me!”


On The Blog

I love to write almost as much as I love to run, so kick back and enjoy some of my running-inspired posts. I hope you learn something in the process.